This site offers downloads for people that are using the Light-O-Rama system for audio synced light displays. Here you can preview the show as we used it, purchase the LoR file and then purchase the music needed. All proceeds go to support the Chester Christmas Light & Sound Show in Chester, NE.
We offer songs for Christmas right now, but soon will be providing SYNCEDsongs for all holidays and events.
  • Who are we? - In 2007 we bought this really big school, in the really small village of Chester, NE. (population 253) for our personal residence and art studio for Cindy. She decided to decorate for Halloween our first year here... well, that Halloween project turned into a monster! Now we also decorate for Christmas too, thanks to Tom Russell's passion for Christmas lights. is our way of helping support our light show and hopefully offer support to others that like to decorate too. Besides the donation boxes out front and our much appreciated local sponsors, we bring in revenue from the sponsor ads, so we encourage you to click on those when you see them! We spend way more than we bring in to make it all happen, we're not in or near a large community with a steady stream of visitors, we do this for our friends and family and the friends and families of our neighbors. We, or should I say, Cindy just loves doing it and everyone loves that she does. For the 2008 season we are wiring all 32 windows from the inside of the building, 4000' of wire and counting, 40 terminal strips, 1000 quick connect plugs and wire nuts and a month or 2 of dedication. All of the wiring comes into one central command center where Cindy built a "Switch Board", this was a very expensive project and now Cindy wants to add little lights to each terminal so she can see what's going on outside from the comfort of her chair... that's 268 little lights and resistors... at $1 a piece, I think that she'll be waiting for next season on this project.
  • Our Show Setup - In some respects, our home is setup differently than an average home. We have 3 stories with a total of 32 windows and two doors, we have a 26' flag pole and an acre of front yard. We broadcast using an FM transmitter. We have 5 different colors of strings of lights permanently mounted to each window and door. We are also wired for 2 auxiliaries, per window and door... so we can plug in things like stars or flood lights in each from the inside. We have 6 channels setup on the roof line as well. Everything is wired into one room in the front of the building where there is a "Switch Board". Our controllers have dedicated 20amp circuits for each 8 channels. We have 4 interior controllers and 2 exterior controllers, giving us 96 channels.
  • The Mega Tree - We have a 26' flag pole out front that we use as our mega tree. We have set it up differently each year but we always use a chain pulley system to raise and lower it. In 2007 we used a PVC circle for the base which we attached the strings of lights to and ran extension cords to the controller from the bottom. In 2008 we hard wired 8 sets of strings together, attached those bundles to a PVC cuff at the top and ran extension cords to the base of the pole, where the exterior controller is mounted. We then stretched out each string and attached them directly to the ground using wire horseshoe shaped pegs. This made for a much bigger tree, spacing the greens and blues in somewhat equal distance from left to right. We did the same thing with the strings of color. So when you turn on the red tree channel, you would see red around the entire tree, same with the white. The base tree channels will move from left to right in groups of 5, depend on how YOU set up your tree.
  • Set of 6 - We have used 6 mini trees, 6 sets of candy canes, 6 channels of ice on the roof... the possibilities of 6 are endless! Our "Set of 6" channels are set up from left to right and include from the center out, etc.
  • Set of 8 - 8 shrubs, 8 channel star, 8 windows, 8 stars on posts out front, an 8 channel arch, even an 8 channel mega tree if you wanted to use it for that. Again, left to right, from the outside in, etc.
  • Basic Beats - These are the basic beats of the music, in most cases, 10 of them in some combination. You can cut and paste these to fit your layout or use them as is. In this section of the sequence, you will also find channels to work well with your singing Santa or dancing snowman.
  • How do I get my Sequence Files once I have paid for them? - The "Buy & Download" button is setup to take you to a download page. We accept PayPal... if you are interested in paying some other way, you'll need to email us (email) We don't offer volume discounts... but our pricing is good, so you get the discount for just buying one! How great is that?
  • What about the Audio? - You will find links next to each of the songs that we offer. It might be a CD through Amazon or an MP3 file through iTunes. Or if you have the same music already, you can use that. Be sure to compare the media file to the sequence and make sure that everything lines up! You might need to convert your file using Audacity and the LAME MP3 encoder, or it may not sync correctly. Before I start a new song, I usually just convert it before hand to be safe.
  • Problems with your MP3 files syncing? - You're sure that you are using the correct music download and everything looks like it should sync but in play back, it doesn't? Check out Light-O-Rama's website for full directions on how to set up audio.

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